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In response to the UK Government’s wish for struggling creatives' to adopt their approach to ‘rethink, reboot and reskill’, we fabricated the courageous Stuart Semple's ambition to set up his Artist Job Centre bang in Covent Garden. This satirical project in the wake of national lockdowns became another fantastic opportunity for Stuart to address the growing, yet essential and universal concerns we have at our door.


Answering UK chancellor Rishi Sunak’s much-criticized comments that artists should consider finding new career paths, the newly launched 'Artist Job Centre' aims to shine a light on the "great artistic talents of our time across all disciplines" and "scrutinises a leadership that questions the inherent value of creativity deep within our society".

By stepping back in time, and for some that would mean literally unlearning a lifetime of skills as the ‘Fatima Campaign’ suggests, the Artist Job Centre hosts all the nostalgia and the chaos of starting over.

Full of ingenious details and sardonic humour the Artists Job Centre was a blast to conjure. Who knows, it could be our last artistic tribute before we start our new careers in carrot quality control!

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