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Inspired by Theodore Roosevelt, we designers here at The Syrup Room needed a specialised space for our new headquarters that truly does allow us to work and play harder.

Our innovative design studio has moved from the underestimated yet fearless Boscombe, to a brand new warehouse build for industry, becoming the perfect new base for our ethos. This raw and untouched space was the ideal canvas upon which our developing repertoire could be furthered. Having a double height space that could be split into the multiple segments which make up the many components of The Syrup Room was always our vision. The headquarters split into explorative design, creative production,and sufficient yet dynamic breakout spaces.

Initially the studio was shaped from a hot desk system within the temporary storage units that framed our workshop, giving us the backbone towards a functional vicinity. The back walls were adorned with pegboard and equipment needed to get a job moving into production. These are soon to be sectioned off with scaffolding creating a mezzanine floor for multi-use which will create a beautiful but always an ongoing reminder of ‘work in process’. Potential new walls of polycarbonate will frame the workspace and act as a double barrier; maximising the construction effectiveness and allowing light to flood in and sound to be somewhat insulated in the overall workspace.


Working with a spectrum of clients including artists, architects, commercial brands and corporations our dynamic relationship across these cultures enrich the overall experience and outcome for everyone involved throughout the creative process. We know that when meeting with clients we need a stellar breakout space and somewhere that we equally can play hard ourselves.  Efficiently making a perfect product on time and on budget is no easy feat, therefore having the environment to match the job at hand means there is no compromise when it comes to our well being. Though we may work endless hours into the night, our break times are sharpened thorough perks like making it rain with our Syrup Room hoop, or a game on our freshly cut table tennis table to being nutritiously satisfied with a homemade pizza freshly cooked onsite accompanied by a cold one at the end of each working week. It’s a hard day slog paid with a infinitely high reward.

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