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Finding revelations from the vast energy we could be saving in our last project with Smart Energy GB, we felt our green footprint was steadily improving, however we decided to go the whole leg by creating an entirely ‘Green Aisle’ for our collaboration with Smart Energy and Homebase. Replacing their electronic focused aisle with the wild green power of smart eco technology, our aisle became not only a literal green haven but a dedicated eco-friendly hotspot. Like many, we felt we knew why we need to make changes and were full of green ambitions, however for a large number of us we still find ourselves utterly bewildered on how to turn those ideas into a reality. This green aisle acts as a specialist destination, much like a ‘free form’ section within the supermarket, primarily focusing on energy efficient advice, products, and the full range of possibilities to make any space eco-friendly.


The aisle playfully represents healthy energy, fierce and wild but idyllic and green through a jungle like ‘quiet revolution’ taking root. Our idyllic aisle was adorned with wild ivy, moss, and tall plants on a bed of soft turf, beautifully displaying the greenest and most sustainability friendly products found within Homebase stores. This campaign further raised the nationwide awareness and empowering us to do our part to make a lasting change.

Full production, bespoke signage, design, and full fabrication. Installation nationwide in several leading Homebase stores including Birmingham, Edinburgh, and Cardiff.

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