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We at the Syrup Room have been adding new strings to our bow over the lockdown period. Our specialist art fabrication and installation skills have been stretched in uncharted waters given the restrictions in productivity, but in no way creatively. This new territory opened our doors to a whole new venture allowing us to connect to the outside work through our brand. Finding the overwhelming support from our clients and in turn being supportive to other neighbouring companies we decided to step out into a new venture and open up our own clothing line selling branded merchandise allowing people to represent our brand inclusively.

Our brand values everyone having their part to play thereby working and grafting at maintaining our own brands ethos, this line of style allowed us to reach out and give something back to our integral community. Our clients have appreciated the goodies further cementing our outstanding working relationships, we have clothed them in comfortable sleek basics for all shapes and sizes. Since dipping our toe in this industry, we have been overwhelmed at the support and success of our items. Check them out in our shop.

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