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Following the Biophilic trajectory of The Avenue centres mall concept, we were commissioned with adding another key element within the ever-expanding venture. Finding the connection between the exterior’s modern facelift of living wall with neat and tame greenery, through to the wild and overruling nature on our dystopian escalators joined by the tugboat in the middle; our shipping container was the most appropriate choice to tie all of these themes together. We collaborated with the client to help find their theme, style and edge through our design and concept. This new shop front covers the existing unit within the mall and will be used for interchanging shops and pop ups. Utilising the space, we divided the unit to appeal to potential new and cost conscious tenants in the hope that the highstreet will be revived by promoting smaller start-ups over the retail giants.

Our shipping container was constructed in faces each appropriately covering the obtuse angles in steel replicating the corrugated effect of a real shipping container.A customised sliding door hangs over the new barber shop, and the other entrance was adorned with custom vinyls.

We enlarged the windows for more light and drama, hand painted finishes to enhance the journey the shipping container may have been thought in order to get here along with tailored graphics of the venues history. Each panel was made from scrap materials, powder coated, hand painted and then finished onsite, completely designed to replicate a shipping container never having been one.

Full start to finish concept, design, build and installation.

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