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Covid-19 came in and disrupted ‘the way of life’ as we all knew it. Companies large and small all seemed to grind to a halt as we endured life in lockdown. The area became a scene from a wild west movie, errie and quiet but fortunately not all bad as it gave the world a chance to breathe and catch up while we stayed out of sight trying to make sense of it all. Although a little dishevelled to the exterior slowing, our eyes seemed to be automatically drawn to the beautiful world on the other side of the window so we at The Syrup Room found plenty more ways to thrive and cultivate our plans to kick off once the locks were lifted. The world may have slowed, but the motion within our creative space kept on churning.

Our powerful love for cars combined with a passion or revitalising worn down design, we used this quieter season to hop on the band wagon and turn our eyes to a 1970’s Pilgrim Chevorlet Camper, giving it a new lease of life for the glamping generation.

When the camper rolled into view it was the perfect project to get stuck into, and comfortably within our own camper sized social distance bubbles. This classic car gave us the capacity to allow the teams’ individual specialist skills to be unleashed. Its been with us helping us stay focussed and reminding us of good times ahead and forms the perfect escape once allowed to roam free again on so many levels.The camper is our icon signifying this strange but surprisingly humble season.

Our camper had a full revamp inside and out. An incredible project drowning in character and full-sized American luxury.

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